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Tennessee is 17th most inhabited state in America. Its name is derived from an Indian word “Tanasie.” Tennessee major economic depends on tourism, manufacturing and agriculture. Accordingly to Tennessee annual crime report, offenses against property made up for more than 57 percent of reported crimes. With such a high crime rate, there is one in every 11 Tennessee residents a victim of property crime and robbery. Tennessee occupants need to secure their homes and belongings with the best home security systems to prevent any thefts or burglaries. Here are some safety tips on how Tennessee residents can safeguard their home and property.
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Tennessee Home Security Tips and Advice

Most of the thieves or burglars will try to break-in your Tennessee home through doors and windows. Hence it is better to make your doors and windows more secure, before it is too late. Have a home alarm system fitted with motion sensors to your doors and windows. Never quickly open your front door, without looking in the peep-hole. Always make sure that you know the identity of the visitor before allowing him in your home.

Most of the intruders are sweet charmers, and will win your heart by their sweet talks. Moreover, they will be easily getting in your home without any break-ins. Thus the Tennessee homeowners need to be careful in finding out more about their visitors, whether they are genuine courier boys or pizza delivery personal. Use your Tennessee home security company intercom to verify their identity cards, before letting them in. If they refuse to pass on their identification, please do not let them in, no matter how close they might be to your friends or family members.

We advise Tennessee occupants to have their front door fitted with wide angle viewer, or a safety-chain attached to these doors. You can fit a home surveillance camera in front of the door to identify visitors without opening the door. Moreover, fitting a safety door would be your best bet. All the doors of your Tennessee house, leading towards outside should be fitted with deadbolt locks for added safety.

When you are away at night, kindly leave your home well lit in. This will make a burglar feel that someone is in your house and might be difficult to break-in. Do not keep your home keys under door mats, flower pots or window top. These are common hiding place well known to burglars and thieves. Having a single lock on the garage is inadequate to keep out burglars. Use multiple padlocks. Never have any of your locks removed. Someone might easily make duplicate keys for such locks and can enter your Tennessee home when no one is around.

Keep an accurate record of your valuables and keep them in a secure place, such as a safety vault. When you are away with your family on vacation, stop delivers of newspapers and mails. Connect a timer to your lights, so that is set on in the evenings, illuminating your home and backyards. Notify the Tennessee police and your home security company about your vacation trip. Also, request for neighbors to have your home and surroundings checked periodically. Ask him to park his car in your driveway. Have your cousins or friends maintain your lawn. If you neighbor see suspicious people, van or anything unusual, please ask him to contact the Tennessee police department.

If you happen to stay in an apartment, make sure your front door intercom system is working. Never admit anyone inside your Tennessee apartment, unless you know him well. Do not volunteer to take delivery for your rented neighbor or tenant. Intruders might just want to a chance to push you in and loot your belongings. Avoid giving your neighbors information to strangers. Never gossip about your neighbors in Tennessee Park and public places. If you see anyone in your building looking for a hiding place or acting shady, please contact the Tennessee police department.

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