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Minnesota is known as the land of thousand lakes. Its name is derived from Indian word “Minisota” meaning sky water. It is 21st most heavily populated states in America. The state is productive in paper products, and has abundant natural resources. Tourism is one of the major industries in Minnesota. Although being a prosperous state, its crime figures are very high, with 136,264 property crime and 25,724 burglaries reported last year. Minnesota residents have a high chance of being burglarized and robbed having a crime ratio of 1:12. We will teach Minnesota homeowners, how to reduce the likely hood of being burglarized.
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Minnesota Home Security Tips and Advice

It is not a coincidence, that robbery and thefts usually occur in Minnesota households, where there are no adequate safety measures. It is a must for every Minnesota house owner to have a home security system installed. It seems to be unreal, but the fact is, there is a burglary, property theft or intrusion occurring each minute in United States. Hence, the only way, Minnesota residents can drastically reduce their chance of being victims to such crimes is to develop good observation, be proactive and install the Minnesota best home security system.

Majority of burglaries in Minnesota are committed in the afternoon, when Minnesota homeowners are away at work, school or travel. Burglars won’t spend more than a few minutes to easily break-in your homes. Hence, it is very essential to Minnesota homeowners to secure their home and valuables with the best alarm system for home.

Burglars simply enter your homes through unlock doors or climbing through open windows. By locking your doors and windows, you can reduce the chances of being robbed. So Minnesota occupants should understand the importance of locking, as it takes just one careless mistake to make your house vulnerable.

Most of the intruders will never try to break-in homes installed with the best security systems. Minnesota home alarm system is a great way to secure your home from any attack. Nowadays, the best wireless security system has many good features, doesn’t require any monthly fee and is very easy to install.

One safety way to prevent your home from local robberies is to have background verification performed for your housemaid or babysitter. Having the checks done by your Minnesota police department, will help you to ensure the safety and security of your home and family.

Have your Minnesota home secure with a good quality locks, probably with three-point locking system. Use fiber glass or steel entry doors for best protection. Secure all your windows with safety latches. A great affordable option would be to install window security film or window bars for added protection.

Your garage door too can be an easy access point to your Minnesota home. It can give a burglar enough time to use his tools and get into your home. Hence kindly secure your door between the garage and home with deadlocks.

Your car is also a valuable part of your Minnesota house. Therefore, do not leave any valuables in your car while you have parked it. Remove the music panel, to ensure no one steels your music system. Ensure all the windows and doors are properly locked with your remote car key.

If you have large shrubs or bushes in front of your door or windows, crop them. This will remove any cover which a burglar might use for hiding. Trim climbable branches from your garden trees. Plant thorny bushes or cactus, under windows or on wall boundaries, where an intruder can make easy access to your Minnesota home. Don’t leave a ladder freely lying in your garden. The burglar might use it to climb through your window. Make sure your ladder is locked to a garden shed.

If you have purchased a new TV or a music system or a computer, do not throw the cardboard on the curb. This makes it obvious that you have purchased something new. It is a good thing to break down the cardboard into smaller pieces. Instead of keeping your jewelry and cash hidden in your house, use a safety vault box securely bolted to the floor or your bank lockers.

Last but not the least; install the best security system to protect your home, family and belongings from any burglary, break-ins or intrusion. Stay safe and secure.

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