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Maryland is known as a Free State housing a population of over 5 million Americans. Maryland has the highest income per capita, which makes it the wealthiest state in US. Maryland’s economy chiefly consists of federal services, trade, agriculture and manufacturing. Although being an affluent state, Maryland has a very high crime rate, with one in every ten Maryland residents being a victim of burglary and property crime. Maryland State reported a huge number of 166,719 property crime and 10,338 robberies last year. Maryland occupants will need to prevent such crimes, by fitting in the best alarm system for their homes. To learn more on how to prevent burglaries, read the safety tips mentioned below.
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Maryland Home Security Tips and Advice

A large number of burglaries and thefts can be prevented, by installing simple and inexpensive home alarm systems that can reduce Maryland homeowner’s chances of being a victim of such crimes. By securing your home with Maryland best home security systems, you can significantly lower your risk of any such intrusion or robbery.

Many burglaries occur because Maryland residents forget to lock their doors. Burglars are ultimate opportunist, and try an easy way to break-in your house. There are a number of ways to secure your front door. Have a security screen door fitted in front of your main door. Intruders might try to smash the front door to enter your home. Your screen door will provide added protection for your main door. Moreover having a peep hole on your main door, will help you to identify unknown visitors before you open up the door. Most of the thieves and burglars might try to sneak in your home through backdoors or garage. Ensure your garage is always locked with a padlock.

Windows provide an easy entry points for thieves. Please ensure all your Maryland home and garage windows are locked. Window locks are inexpensive and are available for all type of windows. An easy way to gain access is to break glass to unlock your windows. A steel grill or shutter might be installed to protect your windows.

Thieves and robbers do not want anyone to identify them. Bright helium lamps can be installed around the vicinity of your Maryland home and property, including driveways and backyards. Consider using light timers to turn them on, when you are away from your home.

A home security system can be used to enhance the safety and protection of your home and family. The home alarm system can provide maximum coverage of your Maryland home and garage. Remember to regularly check your home alarm system backup batteries, if they are not corroded. Be sure to arm your home alarm system before leaving your home. No matter whether you have an alarm system or not, please don’t forget to lock your doors and windows.

Many break-ins occur during the holiday season. Burglars might keep a regular watch to your home, and if they find that no one is staying in, they will easily loot your Maryland home and property. See it to that all your doors, windows, garden fence, garage and gate are locked before leaving for a vacation. Ask a trusted friend, neighbors or a family member to check your home occasionally. Ask them to park their car in your driveway and clear your mailbox. Stop your paper deliveries and pay all your utility bills in advance.

Ensure that your voicemail or phone message doesn’t state that you are on a vacation. If there are any valuable items in your home, keep them in bank lockers. Avoid loading your car the night before your trip, as this might hint potential robbers. Check with your local Maryland police department, if they provide patrol service for unattended homes during holiday season.

Your home alarm system should prove to be the most effective appliance to combat burglaries and thefts. Ideally their flash light should be visible from the street, should make a loud blaring noise and must be linked to home security company that monitors and response to any such attack.

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